Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Treats

We've got Easter basket cakes:

Easter basket Cupcakes

And an assortment of Easter candies -
Chocolate covered pretzels, Chocolate covered oreos, Hershey Kisses & M&Ms
Order individually or in trays to take for dessert after Easter dinner!

St. Patrick's Day

Cupcakes with white icing, green sugars and Candy Shamrocks (or as Gabriel calls them "three leaf clovers"!)

A St. Patrick's Day cake -
that was green on the inside (what else would it be?!) - Traditional white cake with vanilla mousse & buttercream icing

March Madness!

Though it's a sad March for my Heels, they're getting top billing on my blog anyway!

White icing with a Tar Heel
Though it works just fine with Chocolate icing too!

I can't really say anything nice about the above cake, so I just won't say anything at all!

An NC State inspired birthday cake

Sweet 16

Though most are:

Not all Sweet 16 cakes need to be pink!!

Red & silver with bling suited this birthday girl better!

Elephant 1st Birthday

Fondant covered, stacked cake with a fondant elephant holding the single candle in his trunk
A 1st birthday isn't complete without a smash cake (complimentary with 1st birthday cakes) to match the decor.

Vrrrooomm - Racing

Both of these cakes demonstrate that sheet cakes can be dressed up too!

Racing to 5 Racing to 3

Good YEAR cake

A tire cake. Though there was no way to avoid the black teeth syndrome, the kids didn't mind however! The tire size is the boy's birthdate!


An Elmo present cake - All edible - Elmo himself is candy!Elmo chocolate covered oreos! Again, all edible!

Elmo pops to match

A hand-drawn Elmo

Soccer cupcakes

Soccer lollis, to match the team's colors, perched on icing grass

Bridal Shower Cakes

Some sweet, some risque!

Present cakes made to match the theme of each shower.
The risque - a bustier cake for a bachelorette weekend at the beach!

A 3 tiered cake - the top layer gluten free for a guest with Celiacs

A sheet cake with a hand-drawn bride & buttercream flowers

And a sheet cake that combined the interests of the bride & groom to be - she was a swimmer & he was a soccer player.

I'm a little teapot

Teapot cake made for a little girl's "tea party" birthday. Completely edible!


Both of these cakes are completely edible - right down to the whiskers! The cat faces are both cake - the black cat is covered in fondant to avoid "black teeth" syndrome that you get with black buttercream.

Not over the hill!

Heading downstream!!
Sheet cake with grass & trailing river made for a man turning 40.

Sock Monkey ROCKS!

This cake made it from Efland ALL the way up the mountains in western North Carolina. Fondant sock monkey & stars.

Beach Cakes

Nearly identical beach cakes for women who love the beach. The sand and the shells are edible as well!

Choo-Choo - Chugging to the Party!

Most of the cakes on this blog are cakes I've done for other people - those cakes will typically have a small blurb written about them and that's about it. Though, some cakes are personal cakes; cakes I've done for my husband or my kids (mostly my kids!). These cakes were for my son. He's such a train obsessed little kid, we've had 2 train parties in a row for him (and we'll likely do another come August!)!

This was his 3rd birthday cake - Thomas climbing the mountain - complete with train tracks & fondant Thomas at the top. The top layer of cake was gluten free for our friend with Celiacs.

For his 4th birthday, we did a train theme - not Thomas. This was the cake, complete with fondant "G" train leaving the tunnel.

And because we weren't home on his actual birthday, I made him a small (4 1/2") round cake to take with us to "A Day Out With Thomas" in Bryson City. He was quite happy to have yet another train cake!!

Sing us a Song, You're the Piano Man

A client requested a piano cake for her uncle who is a music teacher. The notes are the music to "Happy Birthday"

Baby Showers

Stacked baby shower cake for a baby girl - to match the nursery theme

Sheet cake for a teacher baby shower

Cupcakes for a baby shower

Boy baby shower cupcakes - angel food cupcakes with buttercream booties & rattles

Football treats

I know football season is over - and none of these are actually cakes, but keep me in mind for tailgating in the fall!

Chocolate rice krispie treat with a coconut 'field'

Football brownies with coconut 'field'

Football chocolate pops - this time, the field is green M&Ms

Guitar Cakes

Looking at them all now, I can't quite figure out how every guitar was purple, but here they are!! Both shaped and just drawn on a sheet cake!

About Me

What started as a hobby when my daughter turned 1 in 2002 - has ballooned into something much bigger. Take a look around. If you'd like to have custom cakes, cupcakes or candies created for a special occassion (or even just because!), give me a call or send me an email.