Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Choo-Choo - Chugging to the Party!

Most of the cakes on this blog are cakes I've done for other people - those cakes will typically have a small blurb written about them and that's about it. Though, some cakes are personal cakes; cakes I've done for my husband or my kids (mostly my kids!). These cakes were for my son. He's such a train obsessed little kid, we've had 2 train parties in a row for him (and we'll likely do another come August!)!

This was his 3rd birthday cake - Thomas climbing the mountain - complete with train tracks & fondant Thomas at the top. The top layer of cake was gluten free for our friend with Celiacs.

For his 4th birthday, we did a train theme - not Thomas. This was the cake, complete with fondant "G" train leaving the tunnel.

And because we weren't home on his actual birthday, I made him a small (4 1/2") round cake to take with us to "A Day Out With Thomas" in Bryson City. He was quite happy to have yet another train cake!!

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